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How To Choose The Right Jigsaw

Jigsaw Tool
The chilly autumn weather and the flocks of ravens herald a long and tough winter. And that is a clear signal for all who plan to heat wood, that it is necessary to come up with its preparation. However, it is necessary to have a quality and reliable helper, such as a petrol chain saw, for such work. But do you have a clear idea of what you really need before you go to the dealer? Can you judge if the model is right for you? According to experts, it is necessary to be attentive when choosing.

We do not buy jigsaw every day, and we expect that it will serve us for years. There is a wide range on the market and often some of them can literally take their breath away with their convenience. But the footbridge error. However, you may be surprised when you look at the equipment and engine power levels. Therefore, we should not rush to choose the right brand and model.

What does the right saw have?

In the selection of jigsaws we should first of all follow the overall processing of the machine, especially the engine. We should be interested in plating the cylinder with carbide, such as chromium or nikasil, and the number of piston rings. Equally important is whether the crankshaft is not molded from several parts, but forged, that is, better and more durable.

The clutch is also very important. The quality has three segments, only two are of lower quality. For farm and professional saws, the chain cover should be a heavily stressed component transmitting engine power to a chain made of alloy and not plastic. And if you want to buy a professional saw that you can work with for a long time in the most demanding conditions, it should be equipped with a so-called carter, ie a crankcase.

Equipment is important

However, a modern and quality electric jigsaw should also have a number of other features, such as switching between summer and winter operation or centrifugal air pre-cleaning. It is also worthwhile to use a classic chain with more teeth than a hobby chain. Another important point is regular maintenance. To make it as simple as possible, the filter should be accessible without the need for tools and the saw should offer side chain tensioning.

An important guideline when choosing an electric jigsaw is also the length of the warranty period, which may be much longer than the legal two years. It is also 7 years old for top quality brands. In addition, you can switch to summer or winter operation as needed.

How long a bar?

Some less experienced vendors say the most important thing is to have a long bar. It is said that it depends on the diameter of the logs that can be cut. But it's not true. Especially in some hobby markets, you will occasionally encounter long bar saws, which should predetermine them to process thick logs as described above. But they are equipped with weak engines, so they do not have enough power for heavy cutting. Of course, the long bar is useless for such saws. And also the movement of the chain itself along the unused length of the bar cuts the saw at the cutting power. Clearly, the longer the bar, the more it needs to be more powerful.

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